Werk.ah.nl wins Website of the Year Award

Written by: Endouble Endouble

Tonight the winners of the annual ‘Website of the Year Awards’ were announced. And our showpiece werk.ah.nl won the award in the category 'Recruitment'. We are proud that we have won one of the best known online awards of our country!

Werk.ah.nl: a recruitment website set up from the target group's point of view. Local and relevant content are the basis. A website unique in its kind, where employees are true brand ambassadors and show what it's really like to work at Albert Heijn.
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Website of the Year?

Good websites are of great importance in today’s digital age. With this in mind analytics and insights supplier MetrixLab organises this Website of the Year election for the 16th time. This year there are 275 websites nominated in 24 categories.

Werk.ah.nl - unique in its kind

The recruitment site of Albert Heijn has been awarded earlier this year with a Werf& Award and makes a positive contribution to the employer brand, number of visitors and (the quality of) applications.case-ah-feature-04 (1)It applies to both sites that going live was only the starting point, the start of continuous further development and optimisation. By means of measuring the traffic, creating heat maps and A/B testing, we continuously monitor the effects and we know how to anticipate on that.

Want to know more about the background of this project? Have a look at our client case.IMG_20161201_211726