Werf& Live 2017 | Kevin Wheeler | Recruitment trends for the emerging crazy world of 2027

Written by: Endouble Endouble

Read in: Nederlands

On Thursday, May 11th, 2017 we are attending the new edition of Werf& Live. The event about labor market communication and recruitment, including the ceremony of the Werf& Awards. Endouble updates you through blogs about the highlights of this event.

Speaker: Kevin Wheeler - Futurist
From: Future of Talent Institute

What will the next 10 years look like for work, recruiting, technology and corporate life? We all wonder at the end of the Werf& Live event. It's time for futurist Kevin Wheeler to get on stage and surprise us with some highlights for the future. From the growth of chatbots to predictive analytics and the automation of a recruiters' job. Wheeler shares 4 big trends that will change recruitment

4 big trends that will change recruitment

First important question for every recruitment process is: what part could we or should we automate?

Trend 1 - Recruitment process automation

The possibilities of automation are extensive. Wheeler shares a visual of both front- and backend elements in the recruitment process. We can expect automated branding and social media, on-boarding tools but also automated metrics & reports.

"It's pretty clear in the next decade that this whole thing is gonna be automated."

And what else can we expect? Wheeler introduces us to Wade&Wendy, an example of one of the many chatbots. According to him this is the future for every candidate: a personal AI recruiting assistent. If you don't chat with Wendy, there is also Olivia, Mya, Karin and many other (mainly female) options.Wheeler also predicts the rise of automated, interactive, semi-intelligent tools for screening, assessments and ranking. The important job for recruiters is to give the right criteria in order to get the best screenings.

"You gotta get out there and give it a try. Don't wait till it's perfect or till everyone uses it."

It is clear what Wheelers' advice is: be innovative and experiment with things!

Trend 2 - Innovation

Second big trend that will change recruitment is innovation. Of course automation will bring lots of innovation. Wheeler shows us a slide called 'Dealing with disruption' which shows the foundation of technology and future trends and innovations. Wheeler highlights a few and predicts among others that all recruiting will be outsourced to RPO.

What will have huge impact on recruitment:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Robotics
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Chatbots
  • Biomatric assessment (to test in interviews if you speak the truth)
  • Ultrasonic tracking
  • Intelligent personal agent (the 'high end chatbot')
  • Algorithms automate recruiting

Trend 3 - Analytics

We live in an era of data and the possibilities of analytics are promising. With the right data you can make better decisions and take action. 'Using data is gonna make you smarter', according to Kevin Wheeler. It will drive you to make better decisions. He compares descriptive and predictive analytics and predicts that people analytics is the future. We are facing the challenge of how to measure quality. That's an important question for the future. 

Trend 4 - Networks

Another big trend that will influence recruitment is the change of networks. And here Wheeler is not talking about LinkedIn networks. He predicts networks of people with certain skills.

"We're not gonna have jobs anymore, we're gonna hire skills."

Supply chains and networks of skills and relationships, not jobs, are the organising principles of the 21st century talent function. With computers and analytics we can build a catalog of skills, it's gonna be a different approach.

Future of recruiting

Lots of jobs are already being automated, also the recruiters' job. In 'Scenario 2' - the automated one, recruiting even becomes a 'push button' activity. Decisions will be made by algorithms and hiring managers rely on advice from tools.

At this point of Wheeler's talk the crowd (full of recruiters) gets more noisy. Recruiters wonder what their job will look like in the future. Luckily one of his slides says that decision-making 'human' advice will still be needed... What a relief!

More research on emerging trends in talent and the workplace, you can find at the Future of Talent Institute.