Werf& Live 2016 | Sonos | Amplify your Candidate Experience!

Written by: Endouble Endouble

Thursday afternoon June 16th Endouble attended at Werf& LiveThe event about employer branding and talent acquisition. Endouble updates you with some blogs about the highlights of this event.

Speakers: Klarine Visscher (Global Lead Recruiter Operations, photo) and Bianca Meyer (Lead Talent Experience)
Company: Sonos - leader in wireless HiFi audio

Amplify your Candidate Experience!Sonos-Werf&live-blog-Endouble

Sonos defined several values and one of the most important is Experience Comes First. This value was the perfect starting point for Sonos to analyse the candidate journey and optimise their candidate experience. At Werf& Live Klarine and Bianca gave an interesting insight on how they did this, how they measure success and obviously how candidates react to this.CbBhfStWEAAfEr8

Sonos & values

Sonos makes music accessible and fills homes of modern music lovers with music. The core values of the company are integrated in every tiny detail of the recruitment process:

  1. Be relentlessly progressive
    A tight cooperation between the recruiter and hiring manager makes that Sonos walks the extra mile for every candidate.
  2. Remember the golden rule
    "We treat each other like we want to be treated with equal parts, respect and honest candor." Therefore candidates always get comprehensive feedback after their application.
  3. Experience comes first
    “Do it right or don’t do it”. Not only the product, but the application process has to be an experience.

How does Sonos integrate this in their day to day business?

Match with culture is key. When candidates have the skills, but lack a cultural fit, they won't be hired. Sonos is looking for game changers - people with new ideas - and believers, the ones who really believe in the product. Sonos aims for long term commitment and invests in this: many employers have an interest in the company.

"We hire right or we don't"

Sonos’ candidate journey: an end to end approach

How does Sonos integrate their company values into the candidate journey? An analysis:CGvhWJYWQAI9miH 2

Getting to know us

The brand itself is ultra strong and all employees are ambassadors. Therefore a well thought-out employer branding strategy is not (yet) necessary.


Applying has to be easy. When candidates struggle with uploading their CV, the recruitment department will upload this for them in the ATS. Moreover, Sonos has continuous contact moments with candidates to manage expectations.


Amazing interview experience: the interview proces is thought-out in every detail. From the invitation by mail, to the colour of the interview room, music preference and the weather forecast. All efforts are made to let the candidate feel as comfortable as possible and by this, get a good picture of the 'real' person. Nothing is impossible. When candidates have an on-site interview abroad, family members are invited to travel with them to see if they also support the new career switch - and possible new hometown.


For every candidate there is a debrief with all interviewers. Thanks to this, the recruiter is able to provide every candidate with good feedback.

Staying in touch

In case a candidate is suitable but there are no matching roles, contact will be maintained, to hire them later on nonetheless.

Sync between recruiter and hiring manager

In order to set a good candidate experience, it is absolutely essential that the hiring manager and recruiter work closely together. Therefore, hiring managers get an extensive recruitment training in their first three months. With a good cooperation as a result.

“Hiring is the goal, recruiting is the instrument.”

In contrast to other companies, hiring managers at Sonos write the job description, do the reference check and make the final offer.

Measuring recruitment effort via NPS

Sonos uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) as KPI throughout the entire organisation. The recruitment efforts are also measured by this indicator. The NPS question is:

How likely are you to recommend Sonos as a place to work to a friend or family member?

The rate is affected by talking with all candidates about feedback, and by efforts to let a candidate give the highest NPS possible. Even saying goodbye to rejected candidates in a very positive way is part of this. The current Net Promoter Score is 88,23 (started with a rate of 55).CbBhfSvWcAAmkwp


Sonos is not only honest to its candidates, but looks in the mirror as well. What could be improved?

  • Well, sometimes it takes up to 11 interviews before a candidate gets hired. That could be quicker.
  • Also, there is no employer branding strategy yet (the strong brand has enough power) and slowly it is about time to bridge the gap between candidate to employer experience.
  • Finally, expectations could be managed better. The high energy level of new employees is often restrained by the 60 day long onboarding process.


All in all Klarine and Bianca gave an interesting insight in their daily business. And some practical tips to start yourself today with building your candidate experience!