How user experience optimization can improve your recruitment process (with whitepaper)

Written by: Sylke Ruysschaert Sylke Ruysschaert

Global companies are missing out on talent because of bad user experience. While their corporate site is often UX-tested, global companies don’t see the value of a good candidate experience on their career sites. An optimal candidate experience directly results in a better recruitment process. Relevant content and a user-friendly application process are crucial elements for a good career site. 

A good candidate experience increases the click-through-rate from vacancy page to application form with 43%

5 tips to boost your UX

A great example on how candidate experience could improve your recruitment process is Albert Heijn’s career site, A recruitment website set up from the target group’s point of view. Local and relevant content are the basis. A website unique in its kind, where employees are true brand ambassadors and show what it’s really like to work at Albert Heijn. Thanks to improved findability and conversion, the website was ranked higher on organic search and they were less dependent on paid channels.


Data as starting point for improvement

The website is set up in such a way to optimally measure visitor behavior. Continuous data analysis leads to small, continuous website adjustments: 'renovating in an open shop' (in biweekly sprints). Examples of data analysis: linking analytics to context, heat maps and extended user experience tests with the target group.


Target group approach

The primary target group consists of students. Research shows that the quality of AH applicants is determined by the transparency on the student job, the requirements and the compensation. That is why salary, travel time and relevant information. 

Other features, like a travel-time calculator and job alert, were added to the recruitment site to  provide an optimal candidate experience. Through this, they even won a Werf& Award and became ‘Website of the Year‘ in 2016.


Want to see how you can improve User Experience?

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