Endouble Talent Acquisition Platform for G-Star RAW

Written by: Endouble Endouble

As we left the impressive G-Star RAW building last year after our first briefing, we knew one thing for certain: the colour scheme would not be a subject of discussion for this client. And now, just after the release of G-Star’s careers.g-star.com, we are proud and are once again sure of one thing: this is the coolest talent acquisition platform in our portfolio!


Brand perception = image

Being a strong fashion and retail brand, brand perception plays an important role. And a hip brand like G-Star RAW is perfectly suited to an approach where a focus on images is used to shape that perception. That is why this platform opens impressively with a wide slider. The decision to use black, white and blue for all other components ensures that the website reflects the brand itself, i.e. the image.

That is why we included Instagram in addition to Twitter, a first for an Endouble website. Both widgets - when available - also display the image related to the update.

Target group approach, fact-finding and job applications

Data analysis of other websites proves the success of a target group approach, with different elements for the different target groups. A subtle first step has  been taken in this regard for G-Star RAW, with highlighted retail and corporate jobs shown separately on the home screen.

To support the candidate in the fact-finding process, it is possible to save job opportunities (without a cookie!) while browsing and searching and then retrieve this selection later under ‘your saved jobs’. To facilitate an additional contact opportunity, this functionality has been expanded with an ‘email yourself (or another)’ option.

The website is linked to Tangram ROOS, an ATS that is not primarily known for the measurability and flexibility of its iframe job application form. To still be able to measure the entire flow and also support mobile job applications, we bypass the iframe with a clever form featuring instant validation and Dropbox integration for uploading files.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It goes without saying that careers.g-star.com has been optimized for search engines (SEO) and takes into account the most recent ranking factors in the Google algorithm. This means that the user experience has been tailored to the device, the pages were optimised for page speed and that the link was secured with an SSL certificate (https).
Since we would like the website to speak for itself, we’ve put together a list of the other features:

  • Clever sticky navigation bars
  • A styled mapsearch: G-Star Worldwide at a single glance
  • Parallax backgrounds and headers
  • Career alert: fast registration from the footer

Do you have any questions about this talent acquisition platform or the functionalities? Contact us!