Rituals Digital HR Journey - the road to more meaningful contact

Written by: Endouble Endouble

As a fast-growing organisation, how can we implement a future-proof HR strategy, with technology that will underpin this? That was the challenge Rituals was facing. The company is growing at an exponential rate and currently employs more than 6,000 people. Rituals' HR goal is to ensure value increase for its people, and to help the organisation grow. Tech solutions play an important part. During HR Blend, Rituals' HR Director Irene Vernie offers insights into the company's digital journey and the lessons it learned on the way.

Happy achievers at their best

With an annual growth of 30 to 40%, Rituals is continuously looking for new colleagues to fill open positions in the main offices and shops. Because the turnover rate is particularly high in shops, many candidates have to be recruited for these positions. An efficient recruitment and onboarding process is not a luxury, as it leaves more time for valuable human contact.

Irene gives an idea of the perfect employee: for Rituals, these are 'happy achievers at their best': people with good ideas, who bring out the best in each other. Her personal ambition is to achieve increase in value within HR. People who add value help the company grow, which has a positive effect on personal development. It's a win-win situation.

Look inside your heart

Every decision Rituals makes, is in line with the company's values. Same goes for choosing the right technical parties. To achieve Rituals' further growth and to find more happy achievers, the company needed digital support. A condition was that the technology had to meet the following requirements:

  • on-band and culture-proof
  • supporting the employer journey
  • more time for human contact
  • growth-proof
  • flexible to the max

Best of breed strategy

For many fast-growing organisations, it is a real challenge to automate more - in order to reduce the need for human contact - but to protect the company's DNA at the same time. That is why Rituals chose the best of breed strategy. One single strategic tech party is placed in the middle, and all other solutions are connected to it. For each touch point, Rituals tries to find the best party on the market.

What are the touch points from the employee journey Rituals wanted to support digitally?

  1. Seduction
  2. Recruitment Journey
  3. Onboarding
  4. Learning & Development
  5. Talent & Leadership Development
  6. Goodbye

Three digital elements

In practice, the strategy translates into three elements:

  • Recruitment Ceremony

Harver assessments are linked to the on-brand recruitment website (developed by Endouble). Because the selection process results in higher quality candidates, there is more time for meaningful conversations with candidates.

  • Onboarding Rootcamp

All new employees have access to Appical's onboarding app. They receive all static information even before their first day at work. That way, more meaningful topics can be discussed on the first day, which in turn leads to more meaningful human contact.

  • Learning Journey

With the help of Impraise, among others, Rituals created an online learning landscape, so that employees can improve their skills on a continuous basis.

What to look out for when choosing a tech provider

For each touch point, Rituals chose an expert provider in its specific field. Rituals is still in the middle of linking these several systems, and this process also has its hiccups. Irene's most important insights:

  • Purchasing these kinds of systems is like buying a beautiful house, without having read the architectural report. The good news is that after a while, you realise your new house is better than your old one.
  • Her tip: go for it, but try to understand the agreements and make sure to be vigilant when signing them. At the same time, it helps to accept you're taking an unknown path.

Despite the challenges, you've accomplished the most important change: With the implementation of the systems, there is more time for personal conversations and your contact moments now have more meaning.

About HR Blend

Harver, Appical, Impraise and Endouble joined forces and set up the initiative HR Blend - A human touch through technology. Together, we organise a series of events where we explore the question of how we can use tech solutions to make our HR processes more human. For every event, we get together at exciting locations and we invite inspiring speakers.

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