Recruitment advertising: an update about the possibilities

Written by: Endouble Endouble

The advertising industry is in continuous change: Instagram introduced the opportunity to advertise and Facebook has adapted some changes in targeting, bids and ads. Recently IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) published a report about the opinion of Dutch citizens on online advertising. For us, this is the right moment to tell you about the new possibilities and how they will influence recruitment advertising.

Instagram ads

With more than 400 million users (for your information: Twitter has 314 million users, Pinterest 100 million) Instagram will definitely influence recruitment through ads. Instagram gives advertisers the opportunity to reach out to their target group in a creative way. As for ads, you can choose between different formats: photo, video, carousel and link ads. The first results of Instagram ads are promising. They turn out to have a high CTR (Click Trough Rate) and a low CPC (Cost Per Click). Besides, research shows us that 59% of the Instagram users logs in on the platform daily.

Instagram results - recruitment advertising

Employer brand & Instagram ads

The way you create Instagram ads are the same for Facebook. You even use the same ad manager account! So what is the difference here? Exactly. It’s the use of images. Through Instagram you inspire your target group with your employer brand in a visual way. You can give your target group some insight in the office for example. Furthermore, Instagram can serve as a perfect tool for your branding campaign. Is Instagram suitable for every advertiser? No, it has to match your type of business. We advise you to use Instagram especially when your target group is young. 90% of the Instagram users is below 35 years old. Besides, Instagram is perfect to use for strong brand and image related employers. Do you need help with your Instagram ads? Feel free to contact us!

Facebook; more expensive but more effective at the same time

Gradually we’re paying more for our advertisements on Facebook. Research, conducted by Marketingland, shows us that in the third quarter of this year we paid 55% more for a carousel-ad link than in the second quarter of 2015. Through small adjustments of Facebook we pay a little bit more every time unnoticed.

carousel-ad-spend - recruitment advertisingThis week Facebook has set a minimum budget for your advertising set. Before you could choose a daily budget of €2,00 and now €4,77 is the minimum. Also the options for advertising view are reduced. Currently you can choose between ‘Clicks to website - recommended’ , ‘Views’ or ‘Unique range per day’. We advise you to choose the first option. You can still choose between an automatic or manual bid.

So, Facebook-advertising becomes slightly more expensive but the carousel-ad seems to perform better than the traditional static ad. The click-through-rate of carousel-ads is 12% better on average, compared to a traditional ad. With the possibility to create carousel-ads, Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to reach their target group in a simple and interactive way. Also - not unimportant - the target group responds more positively on this sort of advertisement.

How to use carousel-ads in recruitment

The carousel ad within Facebook can be used in different ways. This form of advertising is perfect to show your employer brand because you can link to different key pages on your recruitment website. Add some images and your target audience will quickly and easily get an impression of you as an employer.

In addition to the branding campaign, the carousel-ad gives you the opportunity to promote multiple vacancies at the same time. You might have related open vacancies online that you want to put in one campaign. There is only one problem; which landing page to use? The carousel-ad solves this problem. You can post each vacancy separately including:

  1. a personal text;
  2. matching pictures;
  3. and, last but definitely not least, a unique URL!

Facebook carousel ad - recruitment advertising Remarketing in recruitment

We all know that advertisements on the internet sometimes causes irritations. IBA examined the main irritations on the web. Let's see what we can learn and how to use it in recruitment. This research shows us that remarketing is not appreciated by 32% of the respondents. It’s important that content is always relevant to the target group. Otherwise, remarketing is considered as ‘chasing’. This is not what you want to achieve and not good for your employer brand. Therefore you should ensure that you reach the right audience. Also, content has to trigger. Content should be interesting for your target group and shouln’t create negative feelings. Within your remarketing, it’s also wise to ensure that people who already applied, aren’t chased through remarketing. How to do this? Make sure that you exclude visitors of the ‘thank you page’ in your remarketing campaign. This ‘thank you page’ is only displayed when you successfully complete an application.

Let’s get started

Some tips and tricks for a good ad:

  1. Choose the right target audience & customize your text and image for this target audience.
  2. Make sure your ads tell something. Content should be relevant.
  3. The image has to fit with your message. Tip: images involving persons/people are appreciated. 
  4. Use different images to test what works best for your target audience. Adding a new image could trigger extra clicks.
  5. Don’t overwhelm your target group with adds. This is not good for your employer brand.

There are more and more possibilities in recruitment advertising: several types of advertisements for different target groups. Is your employer brand strongly image-related? Then Instagram advertising is the right fit for you. Do you want to reach your target audience on Facebook in an effective way? Choose a carousal-ad and show what kind of employer you are. When you want to use advertising to fill in your open vacancies, it’s useful to use remarketing. But, don’t forget to exclude your ‘thank you page’ visitors!

Most trends discussed above are related to mobile users. So, some ‘must do's': make sure your talent acquisition platform is responsive, create suitable content for your mobile site and make mobile applying possible. Does your website include all these aspects yet?