Pokémon Go security tips

Written by: Endouble Endouble

While the recently released smartphone game, Pokémon Go, continues to spread like wildfire (exceeding both Snapchat and Twitter in terms of daily active users), it raises a couple of serious security issues, that all users should know about. You might wonder how a game and Endouble are related? Well, as a data specialist we take data security very seriously. On a daily basis we deal with enormous amounts of data and our security specialists know everything about keeping hackers outside. Therefore, our security specialists give you some tips to safely enjoy this new game.

Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go (Nintendo) introduces us to the Pokémon world, using augmented reality and geolocation, and invites users to go outside to play and interact with public spaces. Despite the childish look of the game, it’s definitely not (only) for children. Mainly adults were dying to get the new release. If you are one of them, please wait a minute before you start playing and take these tips into account:


Tip 1. Avoid unofficial markets

There are multiple copies of the game with malware, taking advantage of eager players. If you really want to start playing, you can use a VPN to download the game as if you were an American. Whatever you do, always download it from your device's official markets.

Tip 2. Create new Google login

iOS version requested full access to your Google account (this was already reported and will be resolved soon). So for now, you better create an account from scratch.

Tip 3. Remember your privacy

Despite how fun it can be, the game needs access to your GPS position all the time, your camera and your stored data. Keep that in mind.

Tip 4. Battery: energy save mode

As expected - with active GPS, camera, volume and high brightness (because of sun) - the battery of your device runs out quickly. You can enable the energy saver option in the game.

Tip 5. Don't cheat

In the next days, we will see hundreds of applications to help with the game, like false GPS, etc. Remember that this type of applications can be upload by anyone, and will be under the bad guys scope.

Tip 6. Be aware of your physical security

Don’t play the game while driving your car or bike. In real life you don’t have extra lives...

When taking those tips into account, you can safely go outside and catch them all.

Good luck!