5 Trends Shaping the Future of Talent in 2019

12 February , 2019
Read in: Nederlands The rapid development of new tech and tools are changing industries at..

5 KPIs to Make Your Recruitment Process Stronger – And How to Find Them

04 December , 2018
Hiring a new employee involves a certain level of risk.
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5 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Improve the Selection Process (and how to select an ATS)

27 November , 2018
Read in: Nederlands The hiring process can be a tricky thing to manage. When you have new..
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Jumbo best career website of the year 2018 (and 3 things that make their website great)

23 November , 2018
There are moments in life when you get the validation that you’re doing things right. We shared one..
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Jeroen Kneppers new CEO Endouble

22 November , 2018
  Read in: Nederlands Jeroen Kneppers, Endouble's current CCO, will take the reigns as the new CEO..
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Recruitment KPIs: Find the right ones in 4 steps (with worksheet)

13 November , 2018
To the question, “What is the goal of your recruitment department?” most talent acquisition leaders..
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Data driven recruiting: an introductory guide

14 August , 2018
Read in: Nederlands Data driven recruiting will help you to improve your recruitment strategy and..
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These 3 summer reads will help you embrace recruitment analytics (they’re fun, we promise)

07 August , 2018
By no means do we want to encourage you to think about work during your summer holiday. Instead,..
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Why an interactive recruitment video impacts the quality of hire at Albert Heijn

17 July , 2018
How do you engage with the young (online) target group to offer relevancy during their entire..
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What is superintelligence?

26 June , 2018
There is a lot of cyclical hype around the concept of singularity or superintelligence. Every..
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