Data-driven recruiting: an introductory guide

14 August , 2018
About half of professionals in the field see talent acquisition analytics as critical to the future..
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These 3 summer reads will help you embrace recruitment analytics (they’re fun, we promise)

07 August , 2018
By no means do we want to encourage you to think about work during your summer holiday. Instead,..
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Why an interactive recruitment video impacts the quality of hire at Albert Heijn

17 July , 2018
How do you engage with the young (online) target group to offer relevancy during their entire..
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What is superintelligence?

26 June , 2018
There is a lot of cyclical hype around the concept of singularity or superintelligence. Every..
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Hung Lee on the newest technology trends in 2018 - Predictions and advice

15 June , 2018
This article is a summary of Hung Lee’s presentation during the ClubTalentsoft that took place in..
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AI is both overhyped and underrated

14 June , 2018
Artificial intelligence is without a doubt one of the most hyped buzzwords of 2017. Every week..
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If there’s only one thing you change on your career website, this should be it

05 June , 2018
Amongst all the (mysterious) aspects that influence the findability of your career website, there..
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HRD Summit: This is how Nestlé builds an agile talent pool

23 May , 2018
To remain competitive today, organisations need to remain nimble and flexible to meet the demands..

Rituals Digital HR Journey - the road to more meaningful contact

14 May , 2018
As a fast-growing organisation, how can we implement a future-proof HR strategy, with technology..

HR Blend: How to use technology to create more time for human contact

14 May , 2018
The first edition of HR Blend is a fact! During this event - organised by Harver, Appical, Impraise..