Meet Endouble

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Meet Endouble

After nearly 10 years Netwerven it's time to internationalise. In 2006 Netwerven was founded. Start ups did not exist at that time. By then it was still called "at the kitchen table". Soon, we have grown into the garret and after some wandering there is now a mature company with over 60 employees.

The labor market and client base is becoming increasingly international and that is reflected in our daily practice. More than 50% of visitors and applicants on our talent acquisition platforms come from outside the Netherlands. This applies not only to our customers but also for ourselves. We are proud of the diversity in our team with 12 nationalities.

Then one day, someone from those 11 other nationalities asks the inevitable question: "What does Netwerven mean as a word?"

That's hard to explain and sometimes even difficult for them to pronounce. The scope of the name simply doesn't go much further than the border at Hazeldonk.

In short, it's time to say goodbye to the name Netwerven. But not the logo. We will explain.

So thank you and good bye, on behalf of Netwerven!


Hi, great to see you again!

Let us explain a little bit about our new brand.
Our heritage is captured in the logo, a designed combination of NW, which is pronounced as endoubleyou, or phonetically "ɛn dəbəl ju"

Ju is you, that is simple.

Now, "ɛn dəbəl" sounds just like other great verbs:

Enhance - your talent acquisition process by data driven optimisation
Enlighten - your recruiters by identifying the why behind their hires
Engage - your employees and unleash the power of referrals
Enable - your visitors to find all relevant information for an educated decision to apply
Enrich - the entire applicant journey from first contact to signing their contract

Why don't you Enjoy and Double your results with us?

We are, and we're proud of it!

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