Measure your talent acquisition process by time, source & cost per hire

Written by: Richard Richard

Endouble focuses on “the why behind the hire” when developing talent acquisition platforms. This “Why” just came one step closer with the latest release of our applicant journey tool Whires. This release features a possibility to measure the complete acquisition process in Universal Analytics. Meaning you will not be able to measure just the behavioral flow at your website, but also the complete workflow from application to appointment.

In other words: We’ve created a dashboard that includes both the recruitment process as well as the selection.

the why behind the hire

A complete funnel, from the first visit to the hire, will be available in your Universal Analytics account. Apart from measuring the amount of visitors and applications per source, we will provide information about quality. And it only gets better, we will make it possible to gain insights about the cost per hire. Data as basis for procurement of campaigns and job postings. Still not convinced? Well, this saves costs, and has positive influence to to your employer brand, because you will receive less waste which leads to less rejections.

For Analytics nerds among you: Whires uses the possibility to communicate with Analytics using POST requests. These requests connect workflow data to previous visitor data in Analytics. We will provide easy to use custom reports and a complete recruitment funnel for everyone with access to Analytics.

Data view in Analytics

Collecting the data is the first step, but displaying it in an easy to use / user friendly way for all recruiters is the second step. For that reason we decided to add the workflow process in the recruitment funnel in Analytics. With additional Custom reports for more in depth data about sources etc.

Recruitment funnel

By extending the on site recruitment funnel with workflow states from Whires, we’re able to provide a clear funnel and overview of exits in the process.

Recruitment funnel

Custom reports

Additional more in depth data can be found in custom reports. We will provide easy to use custom reports for hires & rejections per source.

Hire per source Rejections per source

Apart from the total hires/rejections per source we will add custom reports showing the complete funnel per source. This custom report will be divided into an on website funnel and Whires workflow funnel per source.

WebsitefunnelHire funnel

And this is just the start. Using this method you’ll be able to gather way more information. By connecting the website to selection data we will be able to provide information like:

  • How many applicants using a mobile phone reach the 3rd interview stage?
  • Is there a difference in hires for applicants using Android or Apple devices?
  • What day/time leads to the best applications/hires?
  • How many times did a hire visit the website before completing his application?


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A little dissatisfier: This solution will probably not be possible with your average ATS.