Live @ HR Tech: Talent Acquisition trends to watch

Written by: Endouble Endouble

William Tincup, president of Recruiting Daily shares at HR Tech in Amsterdam the most critical trends in recruitment technology. According to William today there are around 23.000 HR technologies. He states that talent acquisition technology is NOT rocket science, but technology advancements are moving quite fast. By understanding these technologies and trends and what is driving these trends, you are able to make better technology purchases. You’ll understand what criteria you should use, and what tradeoffs should you expect to make with your purchases.

Candidate Assessment

  • Arctic Shores: test candidates via gamification
  • Predictive Hire / AI - system that predicts candidate performance, comparing them to current good performing employees

Candidate Communication

  • Better Company aims to go beyond Glassdoor, they want outside people to talk about employees
  • Text Recruit: want to bring speed to the recruitment process, through a low-threshold chat mode

Candidate Matching

  • Blendoor anonymises the resume, trying to help people to make better decisions based on anonymised data
  • - matches candidates and companies based on profile

Employer Referrals

  • Simppler - a different way of organising referrals
  • Teamable - Offers easy integration with LinkedIn. Intended candidates should feel accustomed to contacting new workers via people already familiar with LinkedIn, so is the basic idea of that tool.

Recruitment Marketing

  • Symphony Talent - a party where you can take modules of whatever you want.
  • Videomyjob - video creation for job ads, making it easy to translate boring vacancy texts into much more attractive video messages.


  • Techscreen - helps you search through technical assessment jargon - a tool that allows you to make technical assessments and help the recruiter throughout the process
  • Eteki - technical assessments - a tool that helps you in interviewing technical talent.


  • Amazinghiring - a tool that spans hundreds of sites looking for the best ITs in the world.
  • Ideal - AI to automate sourcing tasks - an AI tool that is aimed primarily at large volume recruiters.

Buying criteria new technologies

These are the questions you should ask when buying new technologies: