Live @ HR Tech: Sandd measures applicant success until the hire

Written by: Endouble Endouble

During HR Tech in Amsterdam, Endouble keeps you informed via our live blog. Stephan Wiepjes - Manager Recruitment at Sandd gives insights in how we use data as starting point for our volume recruitment strategy (postmen).

Recruitment challenge

Challenges Sandd is facing today and tomorrow have an impact on recruitment as well:

Growing economy

  • More jobs available → competitive job market
  • Less unemployed → less active job seekers

Digitalization: Shrinking amount of postal items

  • Lower working hours and earnings

Improve Sandd employer brand

  • Low brand awareness (70% paid traffic / 30% owned-earned)

Large number of hires (+- 6.000 new postmen a year)

  • New schedule for students, physical conditions retired staff etc.

Wide target group

Postmen are not really one-of-a kind. They are between 15 and 90 years old. In fact, anyone looking for a job for 6 hours a week, wants to work independently and likes to work outside is welcome to work at Sandd.

How to specify the target group by using anonymous data to get a better fit and reducing our employee turnover, number of applications and costs? Over the past few years Sandd started measuring to find an answer to this questions.


But what to measure? First things first:

  • How many visitors did we have at the career site?
  • What sources led to these visits?
  • How many applicants did we had?
  • What sources led to these applicants?

This first step learned Sandd how to improve the quality of our website visitors.

Workplace performance

The next step was measuring the performance of new hires:

  • What hires are still working for us after 12 months?
  • And what sources led to these hires?
  • Does region, age and gender make a difference on local level?
  • What’s the impact of these data on the actual cost per hire?
  • Does it change our strategy to attract new postmen

By knowing this kind of information we are able to create a profile - based on data - of our best performing postmen, applicable on micro level.

It’s not just attracting visitors to the website, it’s finding the right candidates by measuring each and every step and improve on those factors that have a positive effect.

What Sandd did

Focus on the best performing sources based on applications
Try to maximize Indeed, Google CPC, door-to-door flyer to increase the number of applications. Currently Sandd needs 40.000 applications to hire 6.000 employees. In order to get these applicants they had to increase budget to these sources.

What Sandd does

Focus on the best performing sources based on hires
Try to maximize Google CPC and door-to-door flyer by improving the campaigns and measure candidate data like age, region and gender (anonymous). No need anymore for 40.000 applications, by increasing the hire rate by using the right sources for the specific target group on each location.

What Sandd will do

Focus on the best performing sources based on successful employees
Using the previous steps combined with the job performance data of our employees. We’re able to define the ‘top performing candidate profile’ based on behavior & website data. A profile we need to keep analysing to identify changes and modify our recruitment strategy.

Do you want to know more about this specific case or data-driven recruitment? Then please contact us!