Live @ HR Tech: What the future of work means for L’Oréal

Written by: Endouble Endouble

During HR Tech in Amsterdam, Endouble keeps you informed via our live blog. Isabelle Minneci- Global HR VP at L’Oréal shares what the future of work means for L’Oréal.

Often we talk about the future of work as an augmented reality world: organization, leaders, employee experience or the workforce are, in tomorrow's world, augmented. Bringing augmented reality to life needs a well-prepared HR function, not only embracing the new trends but setting a new HR deal with its employees and managers. In this presentation, we Isabelle explores some of the ways to augment the HR function and prepare the future of work.

4 Big shifts in the future of work

Isabelle identified four big shifts shaping the future of work:

1 - Disrupted Organizations

Disruption makes that organizations need to acquire a total new way of thinking, including:

  • sharpening structure: the organization becomes an ecosystem. It is not only about employees anymore.
  • platforming: L’Oréal works in open lab mode to crack innovation
  • opening and interconnecting functions: Learning shifts from top-down to self development learning. The HR person becomes an enabler, supporting the disruptive organization.

2 - Disrupted Managers

Today’s leaders are able to manage radical change. L’Oréal introduced ‘Lean and enable’, a top managers learning programme focusing on how to develop new leadership. Main characteristics of today’s leaders are:

  • develop and sharing a vision
  • developing capabilities
  • invite, authorize, promote
  • be a role model

3 - Augmented Employees

Employees expect something different from a company. So stop designing programs, start designing experiences. L’Oréal created an employee journey to understand their experience as well. One of the outcomes was the introduction of flexible work at L’Oréal. Employees can work wherever they want whenever they want. According to Isabelle creating an authentic employee experience includes:

  • engaging work experience
  • real time feedback
  • self directed performance
  • immediate impact

4 - Augmented Workforce

Disruption forces us to rethink what skills are needed within an organization. This results in:

  • flexible contractual workforces: for example, how can we crowdsource activities?
  • human touch: give more autonomy and power to your employees
  • boosted digital upskilling: educate your workforce

What is augmented HR?

This all sounds great, but what exactly is augmented HR? It looks beyond the frontiers to consider which skills are needed for the future. Augmented HR is about bridging the gap between the past and the future by employee centricity and changing the game internally.

Wrap up:

Levering new initiatives and HR tech tools…

  • common tools shared with employees, managers and HR
  • gives us super users
  • user centric / user friendly

Challenge focus of HR professionals:

  • towards more added value, more time in deep relationships and less time spend on admin and low-value tasks
  • spot more talents, internally and externally
  • have meaningful conversations
  • prepare the future of work

Isabelle ends her presentation with a quote of Harvard professor Konosuke Matsushita, to her a source of inspiration:

"One key to surviving in a world of disruption, where the external environment is changing at lightning speed, is to change the game internally."