Jumbo best career website of the year 2018 (and 3 things that make their website great)

Written by: Endouble Endouble

There are moments in life when you get the validation that you’re doing things right. We shared one of those moments yesterday with our client, Jumbo during the ceremony of the Website of the Year 2018 Award.

Jumbo Supermarkets won in the category best career website. We are absolutely proud of their success and delighted for having contributed to it as main partner in crime.

This is them celebrating. From left to right: Sophie Conijn, Iris van Riswick and Lobke Buenen.

 Here are 3 things that we what we think make their website so great.

  1. It starts from the target group’s needs. The vacancies are split into a couple of main categories, which are in line with their target audiences. They show information on the vacancy page which is relevant for that specific target audience.
  2. The virtual reality module keeps candidates highly engaged and gives a perfect view on what it'd be like to work in each department.
  3. The website structure is extremely clear and simple, which makes the application process straightforward.

About the Website of the Year Award

The Website of the Year election is the largest online audience prize that is awarded annually to the best and most popular websites in the Netherlands. In 37 categories, the Dutch public reviews their favourite on content, navigation, design and recommendation intent.

3 Endouble clients nominated

Out of the nine nominations in the career website section three of our clients were nominated: Jumbo, Albert Heijn and NS. It's for the second time that we can celebrate together with a client. In 2016 Albert Heijn won the most popular website of the year in 2016.

All these career websites are results of hard work and hard data. This is what makes a website really great: if it’s continuously being measured and optimised to the target audience’s needs. It becomes a tool to drive the recruitment process instead of being "just another well designed website".

In case you’re wondering how to make a start with this, download this Introductory guide to data-driven recruitment.