HR Blend: How to use technology to create more time for human contact

Written by: Endouble Endouble
The first edition of HR Blend is a fact! During this event - organised by Harver, Appical, Impraise and Endouble - we discussed the digital revolution and the question how HR and Talent Acquisition leaders can use technology to create more time for human contact. We will be sharing the event's highlights in this blog.

Convince: Everyone is a story teller

If you don't have a good story, people won't act. Joyce Oomen of Idilio explains why HR is the preferred department to share stories.

Over the years, we've slowly forgotten how to tell stories, and we've taught ourselves another way of thinking. Business cases must be data-driven and HR analytics ensure a more statistical approach. By offering data as stories and by emphasising the human side of it all, people get a better feeling for the data.

Joyce's message is: Let HR share more stories! How? Here are some tips:

  • Be authentic. It enhances integrity and credibility;
  • Use concrete and personal language. Avoid business vocabulary;
  • Use real people and real events.

Select: How to select the right HR tech provider?

Rituals is a company that has story telling embedded in its DNA. HR Director Irene Vernie shared the strategy that helped the fast-growing company ensure that HR, thanks to the right technology, has enough time for meaningful conversations with its employees.

For many fast-growing organisations, it is a real challenge to automate more - in order to reduce the need for human contact - but to protect the company's DNA at the same time. That is why Rituals chose the best of breed strategy. One single strategic tech party is placed in the middle, and all other solutions are connected to it. For each touch point, Rituals tries to find the best party on the market.

Tips for selecting a tech provider

Rituals is still in the middle of linking these several systems, and this process also has its hiccups. Irene's most important insight:

  • Purchasing these kinds of systems is like buying a beautiful house, without having read the architectural report. The good news is that after a while, you realise your new house is better than your old one.
  • Her tip: go for it, but try to understand the agreements and make sure to be vigilant when signing them. At the same time, it helps to accept you're taking an unknown path.

Despite the challenges, you've accomplished the most important change: With the implementation of the systems, there is more time for personal conversations and your contact moments now have more meaning.

Learn: Use data to decrease the number of candidates

And once your digital HR strategy is solid as a rock, you can start improving. Lobke Buenen of Jumbo and Richard Jonkhof of Endouble tell us how analysing data can result in fewer candidates.

Like Rituals, Jumbo is a fast-growing company: in 2017, it recruited 30,000 (!) new employees. As every candidate is a (potential) customer and a Jumbo fan, it's crucial to reject as few candidates as possible.

How to make every application experience positive, so that even rejected candidates are still Jumbo fans? And how to track down qualitative candidates, even before they apply? Jumbo finds the answers to these questions with the help of data. How exactly does this work?

KPIs as guiding principle for improving

Together with Endouble, Jumbo set up a measurable recruitment process, to create more insights into the situation and its bottlenecks, and to come up with solutions for these.

Setting goals - KPIs - is crucial here. The speck on the horizon ensures focus for all the components of the (online) recruitment process.

Data helps Jumbo make the right decisions that contribute to the primary goal: decrease the number of candidates. Practical and clear dashboards help make all parties involved within the organisation aware of this, so they can be convinced.

Tips for setting up a KPI-driven process

For Jumbo too, setting up a KPI-driven process involved a lot of testing. Lobke's main tips:

  • Make sure to implement your improvements one by one. That makes it easier to measure their effect;
  • Continuously involve the right people in the process;
  • Make sure you have an open and honest partnership with your providers;
  • Take into account what your improvements' impact may be on your other systems (like your ATS).

About HR Blend

Harver, Appical, Impraise and Endouble joined forces and set up the initiative HR Blend - A human touch through technology. Together, we organise a series of events where we explore the question of how we can use tech solutions to make our HR processes more human. For every event, we get together at exciting locations and we invite inspiring speakers.



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