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At Greenhouse Open in San Francisco last week, Andreea Dicu - Global Employer Brand Manager - shared how the team partnered with Endouble and embarked on a journey to shine a spotlight on their employer brand. You couldn't make it to attend at her presentation in the US? Team Endouble was there! Find out in this blog how to use your career website to deliver a consistent brand experience, how to empower your employees to evangelise from the inside. 

"It’s amazing how much we were able to achieve in such a short amount time. Together we embraced challenges, recognized opportunities and went beyond our limits"
Andreea Dicu -

About Andreea: Andreea Dicu is the Global Employer Brand Manager at She has a broad experience in communication and branding, having worked with some of the world’s largest brands. At, Andreea is tasked with driving the global strategy to elevate their employer brand.

The evolution

It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. In 1996, Dutch entrepreneur Geert-Jan Bruinsma, started an online booking service to bring together Dutch travellers and the places they wanted to stay. Today, is the Planet’s #1 accommodation site and they’ve got some serious numbers to their name: over 1.1 million bookings every 24 hours, 85.000 destinations around the world and over 900.000 properties ranging from hotels to B&Bs, apartments to villas, to even more unusual properties like igloos and treehouses.

To Planet Booking, and beyond!

Planet Booking was launched in 2015, when decided to rebrand their recruitment social channels under one new and exciting global idea. Planet Booking is a portal into the world. Anyone interested in joining their tribe of travel fanatics can use it to take a peek behind the browser, and get a feel for what it’s like to work there.

Explorers by nature, then sought out new ways to tell their stories: they boosted their social rocket power, broadcasted video after video and transformed their career website into a basecamp for their employer brand.

Small steps, giant leap partnered with Endouble to revamp the website and create a seamless candidate journey. The brief was to create a new digital shop window that shines a spotlight on the people, the work and the unique culture nurtured within their office walls.

The development strategy was agile and based on the Scrum method. We moved forward by taking small steps and executing at incredible speeds, with rollouts every second week. The result? The new has rockets to spare and reflects the DNA:

Command center: the homepage

The homepage aggregates all different facets of the website into a melting pot of culture and job opportunities. The responsive design allows the user to determine how to explore it, on whichever device they love best. Social integration? We have that too.

Diversity: the social wall

Diversity is one the’s most cherished company values. With 170+ offices worldwide and 140+ nationalities (including some suspected Cylons), Planet Booking is a very diverse ecosystem. To capture this energy, we built a social wall that integrates all the Planet Booking social platforms, from Twitter and Facebook, to YouTube and Instagram.

Storytelling: Citizens of Planet Booking wants to empower their employees to be the voice of Planet Booking and offer the authentic, on-the-ground view that prospective employees are really seeking. That’s why we launched a new blog on Building up a critical mass of high-quality blog content is going a long way toward reinforcing their employer brand strategy, not too mention keeping the website content fresh with weekly updates and improving the SEO.

Keeping the candidate at the center of everything we do: How we hire aims to produce the best possible customer experience, with the smoothest, most intuitive process. The customer always comes first. And same goes for their candidates. The new How we hire page helps candidates stand out in the application process with insider tips and details about the road to being hired.

Behind the scenes

Apart from the very visible employer brand, there are some effects you can’t see with the naked eye.

Fully measurable website

In order to get insights in visitor behavior and where to optimise and to provide the visitor a unique and happy journey throughout the whole website, every step in the application journey is measured. Basic measurements include page views, unique visitors and bounce rate. But we also offer full insights into application funnels per vacancy, source, device, visitor type etc.

Search engine with 37 languages

Although the elastic search was delivering value, took it to the next level by implementing search support in 37 languages. So even if you are searching for jobs titles in other languages, let’s say developer in Mandarin - 开发人员, the powerful search engine will deliver the right results.

The Greenhouse effect

The candidate journey does not stop with your career site. How does Greenhouse help find stars on Planet Booking?

  1. It allows to build a customized application process that’s short and sweet. Candidates can apply directly with their LinkedIn profile, on the go by uploading their document from Dropbox, on whatever device they like best.
  2. The Greenhouse APIs allows to integrate with other tools like Entelo, Harver, LinkedIn, Hackerrank, while offering candidates the same seamless experience that their customers have when booking a hotel room.
  3. Having access to meaningful data and robust analytics is key. is a data-driven company. It is a core value that reaches every corner of the business, including recruitment. With Greenhouse, gets powerful insights into their recruitment effectiveness.

Takeaways from the collaboration with Endouble

Andreea’s main take away from this intense collaboration:

"It’s amazing how much we were able to achieve in such a short amount time. Together we embraced challenges, recognised opportunities and went beyond our limits. This was a fast-paced, high-pressure project. After all, we’re in the business of building websites ourselves and we were not an easy client. But the talented team at Endouble showed flexibility and creativity. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Check out the complete Planet Booking presentation

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