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Andrea-professional-Photo-2-311r89up9ljr73lxdi7yhwLIVE BLOG Emerce eRecruitment - Amsterdam
: Andrea Bertone, President of Monster Europe
Company: Monster (from Monsterboard)

Millennials, those who were born between the 80s and 90s. Those who experienced the rise of the internet and many more technological developments. Andrea Bertone, President of Monster Europe, is here today to tell us how to become an employer of choice for the millennial candidate. Bertone calls them 'the younger' (because they don't like to be called millennials). He has an answer on the question: how to become an employer of choice in a crowded marketplace?

The recruiting landscape

What does it look like nowadays? Well, there is labour shortage, all over the world. And the talent pool is shrinking. The question is: where is talent? Where can we find them? Bertone mentions the importance of social media and job boards here. Our future candidates are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Indeed etc. Also, there is a huge change from desktop to mobile, that's not a surprise.

Millennial audience

They are willing to work, but they don't want to search through thousands of vacancies. What millennials want is targeted and relevant information. What else? They want to work at companies with a great reputation and they are looking for human connection and transparency.

Understanding the current trends

This generation wants in-the-moment-connection and is very self creating. The younger generation is a big fan of sharing there experiences on online platforms. Both positive and negative.

Why your employer brand is so important


  • candidates of this generation are doing their research;
  • the candidate engagement experience impacts your brand (sharing experience publicly);
  • your candidates are also your consumers, and also your potential clients;
  • power of strong talent brand on social.

monster find better

Working on and improving your employer brand is a requirement, according to Bertone. His company Monster is also really focussed on improving their employer brand every day.

The great thing about working at Monster is that we are selling dreams, we're selling jobs.

Improve your social talent brand?

You need to be social and mobile, and offer the right content that attracts the millenials. Also, you need to target. The young generations wants relevant information only. What more is important? Think about the ROI and measure your results!

The do's:

  1. Target your efforts
  2. Customise content
  3. Promote engagement
  4. Leverage employees
  5. Optimise time to post

A stronger employer brand will have a positive effect on your business. For example it can help reducing the time to hire. We should think of the power of a social talent brand.


Engage your entire business in developing a strategic / mobile employer brand to become an employer of choice to attract talent today and to ensure the future growth of your business.

Thank you Andrea Bertone!

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