Google for Jobs - Taking its first steps into the Netherlands?

Written by: Richard Richard

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Google for Jobs is most likely the most discussed topic in recruitment the past months. In the Netherlands a lot has been said, will Google for Jobs be available in the Netherlands? And if so when will it be available? The internet is filled with publications about Google for Jobs, some stating it won't be rolled out to other countries this year, others stating the opposite.

But we as Endouble rather stick to the the actual facts by keeping a close look at what Google is doing, we want to keep you up to date about the latest developments. Not rushing into conclusions to avoid unnecessary turmoil. For those reading this blog for that one specific question, we have to disappoint you, we don’t have insights in Google’s roadmap, so we don’t know if and when Google will launch Google for Jobs in other countries. That being said, we do want to share our latest findings that strongly point towards a rollout in other countries (including the Netherlands). Hereby we like to share some facts and our latest findings.

One small step for Albert Heijn, one giant step for Recruitment in the Netherlands?

Our dear colleague Jeroen Kneppers already wrote a short update about the first international jobs located in the Netherlands indexed in Google for jobs. These jobs were scraped from recruitment websites. But only international jobs, English job descriptions and international companies (like Booking & Danone). New findings popped up the 13th of March, really interesting findings for the Dutch recruitment market. Our first Dutch testcase Albert Heijn, with a fully integrated markup, is now indexed in the Google for Jobs interface! All vacancies are accessible via the search engine, including shared metadata like the address (which adds the possibility to search AH jobs by radius) and additional data via external sources like Glassdoor and Indeed reviews.

Unfortunately for now these jobs are still only visible in the US interface, but it surely looks like Google for Jobs is taking its first serious steps in the Dutch recruitment market. Not only international job descriptions based in the Netherlands are being indexed. But now actual Dutch jobs are being indexed as well.

What's new?

A short recap of our latest findings and facts, indicating a rollout of Google for Jobs in other countries.

  1. Dutch vacancies (located in the Netherlands) with markups in place are now being indexed;
  2. Radius search is available in Google for Jobs when address details are available for the indexed jobs;
  3. The mobile interface shows actual commute times to the job based on your home address (when set in Google maps) or your current location (when home address isn’t set);
  4. Google added unique UTM’s to its job postings to distinguish Google for Jobs traffic from regular Google traffic;
  5. Direct employers websites are the first option to apply via.

Make sure you’re well prepared

One big question remains, what can we conclude from these facts? Is Google really working on an expansion towards the Netherlands? Or are they just indexing all websites that have included to their website, independent from country or language. Unfortunately a question we can’t answer. However the fact remains, Google is constantly optimising its job search engine. And we bet you don’t want to be that company that looks back in a couple of months saying we should have acted on these changes earlier. For that reason our advice remains the same: we recommend you to prepare your website for Google for Jobs by following their guidelines and implementing to your job detail pages.

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