Google for Jobs… it is here to stay!

Written by: Richard Richard

We get a lot of questions about ‘Google for Jobs’ and its current and potential impact on recruitment - you can read about them in our previous blog here. However, last Friday Google unveiled new changes to this product, and its impact is only going to grow.

While ‘Google for Jobs’ is currently only available in the States, what we have observed is that nothing is holding Google back from doing some proper (a/b) testing on its platform to improve the user experience. These tests demonstrate that Google is really taking this new search vertical seriously.

So what changed? Google have made it even easier for jobseekers to search for roles that suit their needs best:

  • Not only based on title and skills, but also on location and even choice of which platform they would prefer to apply through.
  • Google now provides job seekers with more detailed information about the key decision maker - salary.

Google’s solution to duplicate vacancies

In its introduction of Google for Jobs, Google announced that it will not show any duplicates of vacancies on Google for Jobs; that each job posting will only be visible once, even if it’s posted on multiple websites.

So how do they decide what job posting gets shown?

One would naturally assume based on experiences with and knowledge about Google and its algorithms, that they would show the job posting of the direct employer.  This suits their mission best “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” which in human terms means to provide the best answer to the search query/question.

However last Friday proved this was not the case. The job seeker itself can choose what platform he wants to apply through because each job shows a list of websites that the vacancy is on.

Whether this is a permanent solution or just a temporary solution, to not put their launching partners offside (which are mostly job boards), we don’t know. But as for now which listing is displayed is in the searcher’s control for the first time.

Filter on location

Another new feature in Google for jobs was already announced during its launch: the location filter. Unfortunately it isn’t as smart as we hoped it to be.

  • The filter currently only holds a radius search (like most job boards).
  • Whether or not a commute time filter, that we were hoping for, will be added in the future remains unanswered.
    • Commute time is visible when the address is known (using Google maps), but at this moment we can’t yet filter on it.
  • For now Google provides a search filter on distances between 2 and 200 miles away.
    • Tip: In order to get better visibility for your jobs we highly advise you to always add your address to job postings.
  • Location is a key factor in the order jobs are shown in the results, based on the location added to the query.
  • When a job seeker’s search query lacks a location, Google will take the user location to show most relevant jobs nearby.

Salary information

Salary still is one of the most important factors when deciding to change jobs. Google acknowledged this when launching the job search engine - when a job posting provides information about salary it shows the information in the job listing.

But with its latest updates Google now displays expanded salary information by:

  • Pulling in information on ‘typical salary ranges’ from sites like Glassdoor, or from job detail pages.
  • Whenever salary information is available on another platform, they will extend the job information with salary information via third parties.

It is displayed exactly the same way they were already doing it with company review site content.

And more is yet to come

New features are continuously being added to Google for Jobs. In the next few weeks the ‘save job’ feature will be rolled out, allowing users to ‘save’ the jobs to apply in a later stage.

And then there of course will be the rollout to other countries. As for now still no information is available when this will happen.

But with latest developments we strongly advise to prepare yourself for ‘Google for Jobs’ and begin optimising your site to make full use of the features and get full advantage right from the start.

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