Founders of Endouble transfer management to Kenichi Imamura

Written by: Endouble Endouble

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After more than 11 years of business, Leon Willemsens and Jan Peter Tulp, founders of Endouble, transfer daily management to Kenichi Imamura who is already chairman of Endouble. Both gentlemen remain closely involved in the operation until the end of this year.

The beginning

Leon Willemsens (47) and Jan Peter Tulp (39) founded Endouble 11 years ago to make recruitment more efficient and measurable. They expanded the company into a business with over 100 (inter)national customers and 80 employees. In 2014, USG People, which got acquired by Recruit, the parent company of, among others, Indeed and Treatwell, took an interest in Endouble. Enabling international growth to take place at an accelerated pace.

Data as guiding principle

Since the foundation of - at the time - Netwerven in 2006 a lot has changed. Initially the company made a profit with sourcing and recruitment advice. Today, building and maintaining fully measurable recruitment websites ('Talent Acquisition Platforms') is the most important pillar. The guiding principle is that all choices are based on hard-core data - instead of the 'gut feeling', which is too often used in the recruitment world.

Jan Peter Tulp: “After the acquisition of USG we had a 3,5 year plan to transfer knowledge. All steps in the plan have been taken and we would like to thank Recruit for their great work and partnership. With Recruit on board and the warm support we received from them we feel very confident to transfer the management.”

Solid future perspective

Kenichi Imamura (41) joined Endouble in November 2016. With over 17 years experience in Recruit Group and in his most recent role at Indeed he has a clear vision on how to bring Endouble’s business to the next level. He will take time to select a new CEO for Endouble.

“We use the coming period to improve the talent acquisition industry. Endouble has many best practices here in the Netherlands. I want to sharpen our ability much more to produce as many good hires as possible. This direction is in line with Recruit’s strategy to grow in the HR tech area.”