Endouble on Dutch television! (VIDEO)

Written by: Endouble Endouble

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When you're proud of what you do, you show it. On television, for example. Our own Jeroen Kneppers explained at RTL Z how we optimized the career website of Albert Heijn. 

Together with Endouble, the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn improved its Talent Acquisition Platform and their recruitment strategy as a whole. Last Sunday, CEO Jeroen explained more about this long term collaboration for RTL Z's entrepreneurial program 'De Barometer'. By asking thousands of part-time job seekers about their location and availability in the first fase of their journey, the young applicants and managers now have a better and more relevant interviews. A win-win situation: a better experience for the applicant and lower recruitment costs for Albert Heijn.

Check out our
 two minutes of fame! (Video only available in Dutch)