Discover more opportunities with enhanced e-commerce

Written by: Richard Richard

What factors ensure the best quality of hire? It seems like a simple question, but who has the answer? Many organisations have insights on the quantity, the number of applications, but rarely on the quality of the hired candidates. Channel X may deliver a lot of applications, but if all these candidates are then rejected, you are wasting your precious time and money.

Fortunately, there are increasing opportunities to recruit targeted with enhanced e-commerce as latest trend. Meaning: 'the use of e-commerce principles in recruitment'. In this blog we explain what this means for the recruitment process and the possibilities for the future.Endouble-blog-talent-acquisition-marketing

Standard analytics data are not sufficient

A common problem is that recruiters barely manage to find the right candidates for complex vacancies. The standard Google Analytics set up is insufficient here. This only gives them a general impression on the amount of:

  • visitors on the (career) site;
  • visits on vacancy detail pages;
  • application form opens;
  • completed applications.

" Half of the recruitment budget is wasted. The only problem is, we don't know which half. "

What recruiters need are insights of the entire funnel of a specific vacancy, so it is clear where in the process we need to adjust.

This is what a standard Google Analytics set up looks like:Standaard Analyticsfunnel 1

Enhanced e-commerce for recruitment

The Google Analytics application enhanced e-commerce offers a solution for this problem. Your recruitment site is just like a webshop and an applicant is a buyer of your product (vacancy). Looking at your website like that, suddenly makes it possible to use one of the most powerful reports in Google Analytics to help you gain insights in your applicant funnel.

A small translation guide:

  • vacancy = product
  • vacancy detail page = product detail page
  • save vacancies for later = adding products to your cart
  • opening the application form = product checkout
  • completed application = purchase of a product

This is what an enhanced e-commerce Google Analytics set up looks like:Ecommerce-Analyticsfunnel-2-new

Detailed insight into the performance of your vacancies

Setting up enhanced e-commerce for your recruitment site like this will give you a lot more insights in the performance of your website and vacancies. It will provide you with:

  • an applicant funnel per vacancy, showing you exactly how many people have seen a specific vacancy;
  • how many people had the intention to apply (by opening the application form);
  • how many people actually applied on the vacancy.  

More than a third of the visitors enter the site through a vacancy detail page and skip the homepage. That's why you need a solution to divide all detail pages into separate funnels. Again, e-commerce is the answer.

What’s next?

Enhanced e-commerce gives the recruiter a wealth of new information, making it a lot easier to reach the right audience for his (complex) vacancies. After all, if you know which resources lead to applications and which not, if visitors have the intention to apply and if the vacancy is getting visitors anyway, you know how to turn the knobs to reach the proper target audience.

This is a very important first step towards more effective recruitment, but what happens after candidates have applied? How many did you hire? And more importantly: what was the quality of the candidates? And how are they performing on the long term?

In the next blog we will share a case study with you, to understand how you can measure the whole application funnel per vacancy. To be continued!