Data-driven recruiting: an introductory guide

Written by: Jeroen Kneppers Jeroen Kneppers

About half of professionals in the field see talent acquisition analytics as critical to the future of hiring, according to this LinkedIn study. 69% think that making data-based decisions could improve their efficiency. So, why is the usage of data still not widespread?

We believe the main reason is a lack of know-how. How can you transform data into insights that will help you understand what is needed to achieve better results in your hiring strategy? What does a data driven approach to hiring look like?

If you feel like you don’t even know where to effectively begin with recruitment analytics, this article is for you. We’ve written this as a guide for talent acquisition leaders to help them use HR analytics in recruitment to drive business value. 

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At Endouble, we optimise talent acquisition strategies based on recruitment data and insights. We’re proud of the partnerships we have built with leading brands. We work together with acquisition and branding leaders to perform in-depth data analysis of their talent acquisition processes, which empowers them to make data-driven decisions in their recruitment processes.

We challenge Talent Acquisition Leaders to step out of their silos and drive business value, rather than passively responding to hiring managers’ needs.

We encourage them to step out of their traditional and transactional habits.

The endless search for candidates, never-ending interview scheduling, and repetitive screening and forwarding to hiring managers is inefficient and mind-numbing.

There is a better way to set up your recruitment processes.

We encourage you to embrace a (more) strategic role. Start using data to prove your contributions to businesses, and take control of your own recruitment process. You will no longer have to passively respond to the routine needs of hiring managers - you will be the one who advises them, based on the needs of the candidates and the business. 

Data empowers. Make use of it.

That’s a transition many companies have been striving to make in recent years. Recruitment and employer branding managers are seeking to align talent acquisition goals with business goals to create real, measurable business value.

The transition to a data-driven hiring strategy will affect the complete recruitment process across the board.

  • Roles and responsibilities within the recruitment team will be impacted.
  • You will need new talent and new skills within your talent acquisition team.
  • You will set different goals for your department.
  • Even your team’s daily work routines will change.

Download your free introductory guide to data-driven recruitment