(AFTERMOVIE) The sunniest HR Blend ever

Written by: Endouble Endouble

Read in: Nederlands

'An event is not successful if one does not remember it.' Therefore we present you the aftermovie of HR Blend 2019. Watch and enjoy.

Image: Jaap Beyleveld

To start off with a quote of our appreciated colleague Christophe Wallecan, Event Manager at Appical. Because we agree.

Even though HR Blend 2019 took place last april, we still look back at it with a big smile on our faces. What a day it was! Together with Harver, Appical and Impraise we organized the second edition of this event. This time around the theme ‘how to attract, grow and maintain high performers’.

Couldn’t make it? Here are some of the highlights:

  • How does the country’s most profound selection process look like? Great keynote of the Royal Dutch Airforce about the selection of pilots.  
  • How do you select candidates when a match with the company culture is the most important KPI? Breakout session on employer branding by ACT Commodities.
  • And, of course, the after drinks at the super sunny rooftop terrace of the Volkshotel in Amsterdam - including city view. 

How did all of this look? Well, like this:

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Harver, Appical, Impraise and Endouble joined forces and set up the initiative HR Blend - A human touch through technology. Together, we organise a series of events where we explore the question of how we can use tech solutions to make our HR processes more human. For every event, we get together at exciting locations and we invite inspiring speakers.