4 inspiring books for every recruiter's holiday

Written by: Corné Corné

Already packed your e-reader in your suitcase? Or do you prefer reading physical books? In any case; you shouldn’t depart without a good read on HR and analytics. We’ve listed some books for you that have two things in common: they are incredibly inspiring and build upon practical experiences.

1. Work Rules! - Laszlo Bock


In 'Work Rules!' the VP of Google's People Operations - Laszlo Bock - shares Google’s vision on strategic HR questions such as recruitment, selection and rewarding. But perhaps more importantly, he explains how Google developed this vision: by experimentation. Data plays a crucial role in these experiments, opportunities can be found by analysing data and experiments have to be validated by data. In addition to Google's best practices, Laszlo gives many practical examples of how Google uses this experimental approach.

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2. People Analytics in the Era of Big Data -
Jean Paul Isson en Jesse S. HarriottEndouble_blog_vakantieboeken_tips_People-Analytics-in-the-Era-of-Big-Data

In recent years analytics has played an increasing role in solving HR related problems. In this book, Jean Paul (Global VP Predictive Analytics & BI at Monster Worldwide) and Jesse
(Chief Analytics Officer at Constant Contact) show how analytics can help to solve a broad range of HR related questions. In addition to the theory, the book also provides many interesting case studies and testimonials from HR practitioners.

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3. Data-ism - Steve Lohr

Endouble_blog_vakantieboeken_tips_Steve_Lohr_Data_IsmDid you ever participate a meeting with data scientists where terms like 'neural networks', 'auto correlation', or 'principal component analysis' were discussed? Because of all the technical terms, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what data scientists are doing and why their contribution is so important. In this book, Steve Lohr interviews multiple influential data scientists, and focuses on the usefulness of their analysis. Also the background of these data scientists is discussed: where do they come from, what are their interests? Together, this makes the book an easy and interesting read.

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4. Exponential organizations -
Salim Ismail & Yuri van Geest


The last decade has shown how organizations like Facebook, Google, AirBNB and LinkedIn were able to take a giant leap from start-up to monopolist in only a short period of time. How did these companies succeed?

Exponential organizations attempts to answer this question. The Exponential organizations will play an increasingly important role in the future. Not only does the information that these companies make accessible completely transform the way we work (as has happened with the advent of social networking and recruitment), these companies also often have a more experimental vision towards HR which leads to a different way of working within HR and recruitment departments.

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Tip 5?

Did we forget an important book? Let me know which must-reads I have to pack myself. And, of course, with these books we wish everyone an inspiring holiday!

About the writer: Corné is data scienstist at Endouble