3 Endouble websites nominated for Website of the Year Award

Written by: Rosalie Rosalie

Read in: Nederlands

This news makes us happy and proud: this year no less than 3 Endouble sites are nominated for the Website of the Year Award! 

We’re talking career sites werkenbijns.nl, jumbowerkt.nl and werk.ah.nl.

This month the nominations for the annual 'Website of the Year Awards' were announced. And together with 3 of our customers - NS, Jumbo and Albert Heijn - we compete for one of the largest public prices of our country!

What can we win? A jury and an audience award. And eternal fame for the whole year, of course. The Dutch public can vote until November 10th. During a festive Award Show on November 20 we know whether we are among the winners. Fingers crossed. 

Why a Website of the Year?

Good websites are of great importance in today's digital age: they define your branding for a  large part. And for employers, it defines their employer brand. When we’re talking about career sites, they also help companies to achieve their recruitment goals. 

The Website of the Year election is the annual online public award for the best and most popular websites in the Netherlands. Almost 400,000 votes were cast during the 2018 elections. This election is objectively and independently organised by Multiscope and Emerce.

So let’s have a closer look at these nominated websites (category career site): 

Working at NS

By taking the target group (the candidate) as a starting point, the candidate will find his/her way to a dream job at NS very fast. The career website naturally plays an important role in this. Read here how data helped NS to make the right decisions. 



In just a short time Jumbo has grown from 30,000 to 65,000 (!) employees. In this way the supermarket firm continues to be dynamic. This makes for quite a challenge in which the recruitment website Jumbowerkt.nl plays an important role. This is how a smart career website helped Jumbo to achieve their goals. Jumbo has been awarded with a Website of the Year award in 2018. 

Working at Albert Heijn

The recruitment site of Albert Heijn has been awarded in 2016 with a Website of the Year Award and Werf& Award and makes a positive contribution to the employer brand, number of visitors and (the quality of) applications.

It applies to all sites that going live was only the starting point, the start of continuous further development and optimisation. By means of measuring the traffic and candidate behaviour we continuously monitor the effects and we know how to anticipate on that. With success, it seems.

Wanna vote?

You can vote through this site. Would you like to see all the nominees? See the full list and more information on the Website of the Year site.