2017 in a nutshell: Data, analytics and predicting success

Written by: Endouble Endouble

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Only two years ago we were in the middle of the transition from Netwerven to Endouble. This year another transition followed: The founders handed over the management to Kenichi Imamura, since last October CEO of Endouble. In the meantime, we are still working hard on what we are good at: improving the talent acquisition process based on data and insights. What are the trending topics of 2017 that you will definitely hear more about in 2018? Well, grab a coffee and enjoy reading!

The rise of Google for Jobs

No doubt Google for Jobs was trending topic # 1 in 2017. Does it also come to the Netherlands, what is the impact and what can we do to prepare ourselves were the questions that we have heard the most from our customers.

We are now convinced that Google for Jobs is here to stay, given the serious investments that Google has made in its latest HR showpiece.

Automated advertising campaigns

How do you organize the recruitment process as effectively as possible is another actual question to many of our clients. And this question becomes even more relevant when you are dealing with large volumes of vacancies. For example, in 2017 Jumbo has hired 30,000 (!) new colleagues.

A great tool to control the number of applications is the automated advertising process that we have implemented for Jumbo. If there are too few applications on a vacancy, a campaign is automatically started. And vacancies that have received sufficient applications are automatically closed. This clever technology saves recruiters a huge amount of work and prevents disappointments because fewer candidates have to be rejected.

SuccessFactors implementation for Delhaize

Data is invaluable if you want to improve the application process, but what if your ATS is a limiting factor in this? Candidates are often led to an external ATS environment, which means you will ‘lose’ them. Through a unique link with the ATS SuccessFactors, Delhaize can now measure the behavior of candidates during the entire application process. A number of additional benefits of this approach:

  • SEO of the website is improved, leading to a higher conversion;
  • Through the deployment of a modern design and employee quotes, the employer’s brand is strengthened;
  • Visitors spend more time on the employer’s website because they no longer need to be referred to SuccessFactors. This provides a wealth of data to improve the job application process.

The first boardroom session

At least as important as implementing data-driven recruitment solutions is sharing thoughts with colleagues on this theme. That is why in May we organized the first Boardroom Discussion together with Recruiters United, in which colleagues exchanged experiences on the theme 'Big data in Talent Acquisition'.

The playful boardroom of ING was an excellent location for this. Sandjai Bhulai - professor of Business Analytics at the Vrije Universiteit - kicked off the morning with an inspiring presentation and stimulated the attendees with bold statements. One of the statements was: "If I provide you with a team of data scientists, are all your challenges regarding the application of big data solved?".

In 2018 we continue the Boardroom Discussions. Do you want to join? Keep an eye on our events page or email us.

Google Analytics Certified Partner

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner Endouble is part of a select group of companies that are recommended by Google as trusted advisors. Additionally, Endouble will be involved in the early stages of strategic innovation around Google Analytics.

Richard Jonkhof, web analyst at Endouble:

“While most recruitment companies drop off when hearing the word e-commerce, we have been looking for opportunities to deploy these analytics functionalities for recruitment. The purchase process of a product after all, interfaces with the application process. You can see jobs as products and the application process as payment process and in this way, get insights in the complete application funnel by using the enhanced e-commerce functionality of Google Analytics.”

Predicting success

The more data we collect from our customers, the better we can determine which factors influence the success of candidates. For example, the device that a candidate uses can be an indicator of success, but other issues such as age, place of residence and interests also play a role.

Due to a unique link between Google Analytics and the ATS, the entire funnel is insightful, from vacancy display in a vacancy summary to application and hire / rejection. In a clear data report, it becomes clear where in the process the pains are and where things can be adjusted.

In order to make data understandable for the entire organization, we developed dashboards that are easy to use and give immediate insight into the results and the recruitment funnel. In this way, we help the supermarket manager to reduce his administrative workload and qualitative hires.

Finally, some numbers

Obviously we love data and like to share some facts with you. Did you know for example that:

  • our websites were visited over 19 million times in 2017?
  • over 70 million pages were viewed on those websites?
  • website visitors came from all over the world, from 223 countries to be specific?
  • 41% of the visits were mobile visits? This is an increase of 9% compared to 2016, in which only 32% of the visits were mobile visits. We will expect this share only to grow further in 2018.
  • over 1.3 million (!) applications were completed via all our platforms.


And these topics were just a small selection of all the innovations we are working on. We look forward to making next steps in the data maturity process with our customers in 2018. Feel free to contact us if you want personal advice about a recruitment challenge for your company.