Is there really AI in recruitment?

31 July , 2019
Read in: Nederlands If you’re looking for anything recruitment tech right now, you’ll stumble..
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  • Artificiële Intelligentie

10 ways to (not) mess up your candidate experience

16 July , 2019
An average hiring process has 80 touchpoints. 80 opportunities to mess up or shine. We’ll give you..
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4 must knows on privacy on your career website

02 July , 2019
Read in: Nederlands One year GDPR and you are compliant. But when you purchase a new career site,..
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(AFTERMOVIE) The sunniest HR Blend ever

06 June , 2019
Read in: Nederlands 'An event is not successful if one does not remember it.' Therefore we present..

Why recruiters want to ditch the recruitment funnel

28 May , 2019
Read in: Nederlands The idea of applying a recruitment funnel on your activities to hire new..
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Endouble on Dutch television! (VIDEO)

14 May , 2019
Read in: Dutch When you're proud of what you do, you show it. On television, for example. Our own..
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5 critical questions recruiters want to ask their hiring manager - ánd themselves

13 May , 2019
Read in: Nederlands Recruiters and hiring managers have the same objective: to hire the best..
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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Talent in 2019

12 February , 2019
Read in: Nederlands The rapid development of new tech and tools are changing industries at..

5 KPIs to Make Your Recruitment Process Stronger – And How to Find Them

04 December , 2018
Hiring a new employee involves a certain level of risk.
  • recruitment strategy

5 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Improve the Selection Process (and how to select an ATS)

27 November , 2018
Read in: Nederlands The hiring process can be a tricky thing to manage. When you have new..
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